Art Classes for Grown Ups!

Having run after school art classes for children for the past 8 years at Sherwood State School, as well as their annual Artist in Residence program, I am often asked by parents “Why should the kids have all the fun?”

In 2012 I ran a 6 week beginner’s drawing course to test the waters. My students were initially very nervous about drawing again as for most it was something they hadn’t done since leaving school. However, after a few weeks they were growing increasingly confident and were producing some great work. Below are a few of their comments in response to a questionnaire I asked them to complete at the end of the course.

Absolutely love every aspect of it. The pace was fabulous as you moved on as we grasped each concept. You gave us time to get a feel and at no time were we rushed or pushed forward.

I didn’t know anything when I started and am very excited about what has been achieved.

I know my confidence is soaring. I feel like I can have a go. Not so intimidated. Very big thought process for someone who has never picked up a pencil in her life.

Have totally loved the relaxed teaching methods you have. The fact that you give us all individual attention without making us feel inadequate is priceless.

Our 6 week course kept being extended and it actually ended up running until the end of the year! Not only did the students learn some new skills but they also formed friendships as a result of attending the classes. 

I am not running any adult classes at the moment. However, I plan to run some more in the future. If you or a group of your friends are interested in learning more please contact me on (07) 3379 6585 or at: