After School Art Classes

I am very proud to present here a small selection of artwork from my very talented students. I initially started with one class but now run classes on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for children in grades 3 to 7. Over the years we have tackled a wide variety of topics and used all kinds of materials.

It is incredibly rewarding to pass on tips and skills to students of all ages and I love it when children go home at the end of a session, really pleased with what they have produced.

The after school art classes have been a great success and the program has
grown because of the high quality of the visual arts lessons that Kim

The murals and mosaics Kim has created, sometimes with the help of our
students, are truly wonderful and create a fantastic feel to different areas
of our school.

Greg Nelson
Sherwood State School

I love the way your art classes provide an opportunity to explore all sorts of different media and how the children enjoy developing skills in a familiar environment.

Sherwood Parent